Art Contest


~All submissions must be hand drawn art work

~ No photo copies, emailed images 

Can use Paint, Colored Pencils, Markers, Crayons, Chalk Etc

~ Contestants may only submit 1 Piece of art work

~ Must be on an 11 x 14 

~ Must be picked up by 4Pm day of carnival

Judged on

~ Theme "Game on"

~Creative interpretation of the subject / theme


~ Use of Color

There are 3 different groups

Age groups 10 - 15 years old 
                    16 - 20 years old
                     21 & up

Prizes for each age group
1st. -$30.00
2nd. -$20.00

Art Contest
1st. Place Joan Burke
2nd. Place Renee Vallance
Participation Loretta Butler
1st. Place Jackson Straw
2nd. Place Sophie Straw
10-15 years old
16-20 years old
21 & Up
Art Contest